“Even Louder” by Pastor Gillian Burchell (hardback)


“Sometimes the things that are the loudest in our lives, are the things that shouldn’t be. Fear, worry, anxiety, depression, wrong thoughts, disappointments… the list goes on. We somehow give permission for the ‘wrong’ things to be the loudest, even though we aren’t fully aware that we are doing that.

I believe this book will help you to live life ‘Even Louder’ than what society has told us is the ‘norm’. We are not meant to blend in and go with the flow of how life tries to shape us. We are meant to stand up, be tall and declare God’s truths louder, bolder and stronger. It’s then that we will live the abundant life He created for us.

This book will help and encourage and challenge you. By sharing some of my own personal struggles and journey, I hope to help you live life, your life EVEN LOUDER.” – Pastor Gillian Burchell