Reopening our building

Dear Champions family.


On behalf of the senior leadership of Champions, I am writing to inform you of the guidelines that we are implementing in cooperation with the government, regarding the re-opening of the Church building for worship and prayer.   As the situation is changing on a week by week basis, you will be updated as and when, should anything impact our plans. 


Firstly, we want to reassure you that your safety and well being come first. We are doing everything we can to ensure that anyone coming back to Church will do so in the knowledge that this is our number one priority. Our heart always has and always will be for people, and we will not do anything knowingly to put lives at risk from COVID-19. 

We are adopting an overall stance of ‘faith over fear’. This is not the same as, and does not mean ‘spirituality over stupidity’; We ultimately believe that God is our protector, but we do not see this as an opportunity to recklessly abandon all the common sense guidelines that we have been asked to adhere to during this time.

In line with government guidelines for Churches, we will only be operating at a 25% capacity crowd (200 people) at present. This is all down to the size of OUR auditorium, and will allow everyone to sit at least 1m apart.  Families of one household can and should sit together. Our auditorium has a highly efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that continuously monitors and controls air quality levels inside the building and crucially, does not recirculate the air, but uses a fresh supply of air from outside — This is relevant according to government findings connected to COVID-19.

No one will be thought of as ‘less spiritual’ or ‘judged’ for staying away from any Church gatherings at this uncertain time. In fact, if you are classed as vulnerable or you or anyone you have been in contact with are showing any of the recognised symptoms of COVID-19 then you should NOT come to Church, but should continue to watch online for the time being.”

You may be aware at present that all establishments have to comply with the registering and recording of the names of people in attendance. In order for us to manage this effectively, whilst at the same time gauge the number wanting to attend, we are implementing a simple online registration system. This will allow us to manage the maximum number of people allowed, plus record their names at the same time. Please understand that this is not how we feel that our Church should ever be run, but this is what we have to comply with for your own well being at this time. THIS WILL NOT BE FOREVER!

Once you have registered your attendance online, on arrival you will be directed to a ‘one way’ system into the main auditorium and then be directed to a seat. Please comply with the ushers that are there to assist and direct you to sit in specific seating (2 seats in between each person, unless of the same household). A specific seating area for parents with young children will be available. As you leave the service you will be directed to exit in an orderly manner through a different one way system. 

Running Church in this way will continue for the foreseeable future. We look forward with complete expectation that these restrictions will be lifted very soon!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your understanding and cooperation in all that we are seeking to achieve for our Church family and community at this time.  Whilst we may differ in our stance to other Churches, it doesn’t mean to say that they are wrong and we are right, or vice versa. This is simply our conviction at this time, and is well within the government guidelines. 

We sense that there is an overwhelming desire amongst our people to meet back together again and therefore we want to facilitate that in the best and safest way possible. 

If you wish to attend the service on Wednesday 29th July @7.30pm then simply register online via our app or website. You can click on the link below in order to get straight to online registration. This will be done on a first come first served basis for this and any future gatherings (to be announced). 

Service Reservation

Click Register Now to start our online reservation process


Will the carpark be open? Yes.

Will there be hand sanitiser on arrival? Yes

Can I wear a face mask? Yes, if you wish to.

Can children attend? Definitely! However, they will have to sit in the main auditorium with a parent/s or family members from the same household. Childrens facilities have to remain closed at this time.

Will I have to sing? No, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t worship.  

Can I clap? Yes!

Will there be any offerings taken? No, all giving must still continue online.

Can I chat to other people? Yes, from a 1m distance.

Can I hug people or shake hands. Sadly, not at this time.

Can I use the toilet facilities? Yes, but adhere to the guidelines in place.

Looking forward to being with you soon.  

With sincere love,

Pastors Mark and Gillian – on behalf of the senior leadership team.