Thank you for your interest in getting involved in Champions Church!
Church is far more than something you attend, it’s a family that you belong to, and we would love to help you get connected. There are many ways that you can do so, from joining a Life Group to serving on a team.
Please note that we encourage everyone to begin their journey with our First Steps Class, a great starting point for anybody who’s wanting to get involved.

Champion Life Groups take the big experience of Church into smaller settings. We believe that true growth happens within community and that none of us were created to do life alone.

CLGs provide an opportunity for you to hang out with people, build great relationships and grow on your journey of following Jesus.

With a wide variety of teams that help run Champions Church, there is a place for everyone. Play your part in making a difference today.

Baby and Child Dedications take place several times a year here at Champions, as a special part of our Sunday services. To register your child to be dedicated, click the link below.