Pastor Mark’s Vision for Champions Church

Spiritual vision is not a vague, mystical experience that cannot be rooted in reality, but is that which grips the heart of a man or woman as an expression of the will of God for their lives and those they touch.

In the case of a local church, God appoints a leader and then gives the leader a vision of what that church should become and what it should be like.

The whole thrust of Champions Church is to ‘make champions for life’. Our mission is to reach people wherever they are, wherever they have been and whatever they have done. We want to reach them with the love, compassion, forgiveness and the power of Jesus Christ.

At this time we have built phase one of our beautiful 20,000 sq. feet Champions Church complex which seats over 800 people. We are believing for £4.5 million in order to continue building to give us our own children and youth departments, pre-school, restaurant, bookshop, offices, community rooms, conference facilities, terrace & car parks.

The building is built strategically in Cinder Bank where it is serviced by the new network of roads that has literally made the motorway system 10 minutes from our doorstep.

– Pastor Mark Burchell

The Church I See

The Church I See is a place where peoples broken lives can be restored and then with dignity set them back on the road to recovery, becoming Champions in life.

The Church I See shows no favouritism and is open to all. It welcomes all ages, all colours, all races & all religions.

The Church I See is compassionate to the poor, the lonely, the lost, the broken hearted and the unloved.

The Church I See empowers everyone to play a part in touching the lives of ordinary people with the love of Jesus Christ.

The Church I See is not a rest home for saints, but a hospital for sinners.

The Church I See includes you and your family – everyone in Champions Church is encouraged to see themselves as gifted in some way in order to reach someone.

The Church I See will one day see 1000’s of people from all walks of life, being together to worship God in one place.